Celebrate: Memories of Little Angelina

I remember one time Angelina, my wife and I went to pick up some ice pops from the corner bodega.

Halfway up the block, she paused. We weren’t sure what the problem was. She looked at her hand where she was holding her freezing treat and decided it was too cold to hold, so she passed it back up to us and we strolled away.

It’s simple but it was darn cute.



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  1. Hello there, though we don’t know the Sforza Family personally, we have been following your story on social media. We are lifting you all in prayer in Raleigh, NC.

  2. I remember Luigi coming over with baby Angelina when she was about 2 months old. I asked if it was ok to hold her and when I did, she smelled as sweet as honey, her cheeks were so rosy and her eyes twinkled as stars. So precious.
    Rest in Peace Angelina
    Our deepest condolences to the Sforza Family

  3. unfortunately due to distance and also because, Angelina was often to sick to have visitors over the passed year, I did not get to see her that often, but each time I did was truly memorable. The last time I saw angelina in November she was very ill and in a lot of pain, bit still managed to smile and greet us warmly and made sure as we were leaving she said goodbye at least 3 times so we knew she was glad we were there visiting. But before that, I saw Angelina in August at her uncle Darios BBQ. She hadnt seen more for a while at that point and I had grown a massive beard, and my hear was long, so naturally to a 3 year old I looked a bit like a monster. She turned around and caught a glimpse of me and jumped back with a look of fright and then ran over to her aunt chiara and screamed, “HE SCAREEE MEEE”, but she immediately started laughing, then teasing me saying …”you scare me, you scare me”…..I will forever remember this little angel that I am proud to call my cousin. The only regret I have is not having the opportunity to spend more time with her. However I believe now, she entered heaven, and my mother, Her aunt, just received the girl she always wanted but never had, and will take care of her until we all meet again. I LOVE YOU ANGELINA. Please continue to pray and support baby Angelinas, parents Luigi, Diana, and her brother Gio. Although Angelinas suffering has ended. Theirs has just begun.

  4. I remember one of the only times actually getting to “hang out” with Angelina. I was drawing figures with a black crayon on a white blank page at Joey and Jenn’s apartment. I drew a smiling Angelina and a pet fox. I said to myself “this picture is done,” walked away, and ate a meal. Angelina, however, had different plans for the picture. While I was eating, she was quietly putting her hand to my work, making it her own. She filled the black & white world on my sheet of paper with streaks of purple and squiggles of orange. She brought color and richness to an otherwise black & white world. I wish I had saved that piece of paper.

  5. Not knowing Angelina personally, but through family was just as good as it got.. I rememer going to her charity event last year at the North Bergen Rec’ with my family. We had so much fun.. I just remember thinking to myself.. she is the CUTEST little girl! She didn’t deserve the pain and stress that she went through, but however, we should all look at it as: she got to live a brief part of her life with family, friends, and thousands of supporters.. She was a fighter and she fought for a very long time.. but God has a plan for everyone. I think they just needed an adorable little angel up there for help! She is okay, and at peace now and that is all that matters. Rest in peace, baby girl, we love you.

  6. Angelina,
    God saw you getting tired, a cure not meant to be.
    So he put his arms around you and whispered, “Come with me.”
    With tearful eyes we watched you and saw you fade away, although we loved you dearly, we could not make you stay.
    A golden heart stopped beating, your tender hands at rest.
    God took you home to prove to us he only takes the best.

    You are an angel now watching over your family. May they find peace in knowing that you are no longer in pain. You and your family will always be in my prayers.

  7. Angelina I followed every single step of your treatment with you . I have to say you have a wonderful family that loves you so much now you are with Jesus in heaven watching over your loved ones please ask Jesus to give confort and peace to your mom , Dad and brother to let them know that you are happier than. Ever love you Angel xoxo

  8. The fondest memory I have of Little Angelina was when her aunt and uncle, Jenn and Joey Sforza would babysit her. On one occasion I had gone over and she Angelina was there playing with a stuffed animal. One of those stuffed animals that when squeezed played a song. Of course to a child this is awesome. She would get so much from that stuffed bear. The cutest thing though that when this bear would stop singing she would scream out “Oh No!” And then she would continue to smile and press the bear again till it sang to her.

    Angelina I know to your family you were an angel here on earth. The greatest thing though is what the bible says. Jesus says that you are placed Higher than the angels. You’ve made an impact on the people you love and I know you’ve had an impact on the people that I Love. Love you Sforza’s.

  9. Over the summer I ran into luigi and diana in the galaxy towers where i live. Luigi brought me over to the car and Angelina with a big smile on her face remembered me from the night of the art gallery auction. She didnt remember my name so Luigi said This is Katie, and she smiled some more and hugged me because i had the same name as Katy Perry and because her daddy said “this is my friend Katie”. Then we talked some more I said you like Tangled, and Katy perry? She Nodded yes. and then said I’m Getting pizza with mommy and daddy. I couldn’t stop smiling and telling Luigi and diana what a gorgeous girl she was. I’ll never forget that day. I smiled for the rest of the week. Love you Princess!

  10. Although I never was able to meet this little princess, she was able to change how I look at what I have in life. See I’m a pediatric nurse I work with very ill children who have numerous complications, and I am sad to say I have become a bit “immune” to seeing kids so sick. But seeing this little girl, the daughter of “my” high school friend, Diana, fighting so hard trying to beat this ugly disease, then ultimately losing the battle has opened my eyes to see it could have been any of our children. It’s often we see the faces of these children in the fight for their lives posted on TV. We are asked if we want to donate money to help kids with cancer, and just think how many times we get angry, how dare people keep asking for “our” money all the time. We don’t know those children in the pictures, but lets keep in mind someone does know and love them. So I guess what I’m trying to say in all of this, is that this little amazing child has completely humbled me. In honor of Angelina I will not judge. I will put a name to every face on TV, and I will count my blessings each and every day. May the spirit of little Angelina live in our hearts forever. She is watching over us now.

  11. Even though I did not know or even seen Angelina, I honeslty can say that she made an impact on the people who were in her life. Joey and Jenn and the entire Sforza family have my deepest condolensces and I keep you all in my prayers.

  12. although i never got to meet you sweet angel.. i heard so many stories about you from everyone. how sweet your smile , how you loved to sing.. i myself work in a daycare with little boys and girls like you and your story truly touched my heart. my grandmother is friends with a friend of yours and she also wants to let you know she will always have you in her heart.. angelina the amount of lives you touched is unblievable.. it is true what the say . the smallest things take up the biggest amount of love in ones heart <3. now fly with the angels baby girl! i'll meet you one day in heaven ❤

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