GIVE: How You Can Help

“More than 40 percent of fully insured families with a child with neuroblastoma declare bankruptcy due to the high costs of treatment often considered to be experimental.

Put yourself in Angelina’s shoes. Suddenly, your parents, family and friends not only worry about your life but (unfortunately) about the bills it takes to save it.

Now, although that is the worst of it, the best part is you can actually be an intricate part of fighting this cancer by becoming one of Angelina’s Guardian Angels.

Whether it’s $10, $100 or $1000—one time or monthly—together, in strength and numbers, we are helping to make each day a better one for Angelina, Giovanni, Diana and Luigi Sforza. Your gifts WILL allow Angelina, her brother and parents to continue to focus all of their energy and strength on WINNING this battle!

Please give and help little Angelina destroy the cancer monster that’s literally growing inside her.

Click here to securely donate online.

If you prefer to write a personal check, you can kindly make it  payable to “Angelina Sforza”  and send to

418 Walker Street Fairview NJ 07022

First and foremost, we ask for your prayers, your support and your love.  Your comments mean so much and we read every bit of them and will read many ofthem to Angelina!  So, please continue to do so. Please post your name below with the amount you give or keep it anonymous! We intend to have a party once this nightmare is over.

Contact us with any questions at


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  2. Jenn and I will begin with a one-time gift. We’ll then continue to keep a “Little Angelina” category in our monthly budget, so we can deposit gifts to her account every six months or so.

  3. I send all of my prayers and blessings. She is a beautiful little girl and I wish her the best. It may help to look into the Friends Of Jaclyn Foundation. It has really helped a close friend of mine who battled a brain tumor, it is an amazing foundation that focuses on the moment. They pair each child with a sports team and that teams job is to give love support and friendship, my team was apart of this and trust me when i say it was definitely worth it, not only did it give my team a different perspective on life, we also made sure we put a smile on her face everyday, because smiles make miracles 🙂 If you are interested contact Dennis Murphy.

  4. la messa per la piccola angelina sforza sarà celebrata domenica prossima 4 marzo alle ore 11.30 am presso la chiesa della madonna del buoncammino. caro john avvisa i parenti a altamura della famiglia sforza cosi possono partecipare.

    The mass for angelina will be celebrated next Sunday March 4th, 2012 at 11:30am at the Shrine of Maria Santissima del Buoncammino in Altamura. Please advise all the relatives of your family that the may participate

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