Destroying the Monster!

Hurled at us like an unexpected bomb in our guts, doctors found in little Angelina a horrid 9 cm tumor on August 18, 2011, which they later deemed a malignant neuroblastoma, a deadly and rare childhood cancer. Nurses and surgeons quickly wired a permanent central line in our two-and-a-half-year-old princess’s chest, serving as a central intravenous for chemotherapy and nourishment in the dire months ahead.

Whereas once little Angelina delighted in doctors visits (often forcing her family to play sick or dead so she could fix us) she now dreads them, as they are daily pricking and poking in an attempt to destroy the now 11 cm tumor (August 27) between her kidney and liver.

Pumped with a morphine drip for the painful ache, Angelina has not allowed her mom to leave her side.

This is hope. She is strong enough to robustly grip her mother’s neck; she will be strong enough to destroy this devilish growth until God heals her or until the end of her chemo treatment.

We, the Sforza family, dedicate this webpage to fundraising for the anticipated hundreds of thousands (or even millions) in healthcare costs and other related costs.

Whether it’s $10, $100 or $1000—one time or monthly—together, in strength and numbers, we are helping to make each day a better one for Angelina, Giovanni, Diana and Luigi Sforza. Your gifts WILL allow Angelina, her brother and parents to continue to focus all of their energy and strength on WINNING this battle!


Please visit our giving page, give and help little Angelina destroy the cancer monster.

“If children have the ability to ignore all odds and percentages, then maybe we can all learn from them.  When you think about it, what other choice is there but to hope?  We have two options, medically and emotionally:  give up, or fight like hell.”  ~Lance Armstrong

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  1. I cannot stop crying because I have two girls of my own and fear that this could be them! I wish there is something more I could do than just offer prayers! I wish you guys all the luck in the world! I will pray that this will all go away! God bless this little angel! May the lord breath more life into her than he had already done! Her job isn’t finished yet lord! Please give her a second chance at life so she can be able to spread the wealth of happiness to all!

    • Frances I know exactly how you feel this wonderful family and all the families that tragically get diagnosis’ like this daily it really seem’s like something has really gone wrong in our atmosphere, our food and even our water who know’s all I know is this precious angel like many should not have to endure such illnesses, nor should anyone. I am 57 year’s old and when I was a young child you never heard of such things so much of this a rare diagnosis in high school of one girl who had leukemia and that was it as far as I knew. It makes you wonder what is in our air. So many little ones with cancer is so devastating to me and yes I cry too. All I pray is for a cure, and fast too many are suffering and the families suffer also, My prayers go out to this family and all families enduring this terrible disease that this young baby girl and yes I say baby girl, get’s to grow up healthy and that The Lord heal her and a miracle be a blessing to this family and this little angel…My thoughts and prayers are also with her and her family Lord I ask, this and send it up praying you give her a second chance at life also, and you created her for a purpose I ask that her purpose be fullfilled and that she live a long and healthy life, thank you Jesus….We Praise your Holy name…Amen..

  2. I have a soon to be 7 month old little girl and I can’t imagine going through something like this. I can’t help the tears running down my cheeks and I pray and have Faith that she will be ok. Don’t lose hope, God works in mysterious ways and I am sure he will help this angel and her family get through this. She is a strong girl and has strong people by her side. Don’t get tired of praying, God really does listen. God Bless.

  3. As I write this with so much emotion, for you and her family, I say keep doing what your doing spreading the word so that the rest of us become aware that we must help our fellow people. Nobody never knows. We can only pray and hope. With this I say a prayer “God give this child of yours life, strength, and better health. Cure her while she’s in the hospital, watch over her and give her back to her family healthy, happy, and strong. God Bless you Angelina

  4. Hey little ladie everything will be all right keep hope alive and a smile on your face ima pray for you everyday and tell god to give you the healing blesses that he gave me wish you the best….. As I said befor god gave me his healing blessing by keeping me alive and strong as I went threw heart surgery.. I was born with W.P.W.. Its wen u have no electrical pulse in your heart and you can be alive with out 1 in your heart. And on top of that I had a 7inch valve wraped around my heart that they had to burn out of my heart. Ima professiona lBreakdancer and im still spinig n my head till today with still no electrical pu

  5. Hey little ladie everything will be all right keep hope alive and a smile on your face ima pray for you everyday and tell god to give you the healing blesses that he gave me wish you the best….. As I said befor god gave me his healing blessing by keeping me alive and strong as I went threw heart surgery.. I was born with W.P.W.. Its wen u have no electrical pulse in your heart and you can be alive with out 1 in your heart. And on top of that I had a 7inch valve wraped around my heart that they had to burn out of my heart. Ima professiona lBreakdancer and im still spinig n my head till today with still no electrical pulse in my heart god is here keeping me alive to show the world what I was here to do and that is to keep people happy and show love and my dancing skillz to the world. So keep god strong in your heart and he will keep you strong.

  6. Hello little Angelina,
    We’ve never met, my name is Luz Estella a friend of your parents and Uncles. I live in Germany, very close to Italy where your grandparents and family is from. Just one hour away from my house are the Alps, they’re a HUMONGOUS mountain range that separates Italy (and three other countries) from Germany. We tend to go hiking in the summer and visit beautiful mountain lakes that are located there and in the winter we go skiing, snowboarding, sledging, and all sorts of fun activities that I hope one day we can all do together… it would be extra fun to have a snow ball fight, make snowman’s and my very favorite, snow angels. What’s your favorite? Maybe one day you’ll visit and I promise to take you to see the Alps.
    I know that right now you don’t feel very well but soon you’ll be able to do all the things you love to do, including licking everyone’s face.
    I send you a BIG kiss and I promise to think of you and pray for you. Some day we’ll meet and I hope we can become friends. Hang in there sweetie, be strong, and please send your Daddy and Mommy two winks from me.
    tschüs for now … this means Bye in German or ciao in Italian,
    Luz Estella

  7. I watch your body weaken daily as I come to visit  you in the hospital. To watch your pale face, red sores, painful tubes, band aids, cuts, bruises, incisions,pokes and prots is truly ripping my heart out . I don’t see the Angelina I once knew, the happy little Angel who only wanted to give love and always accepted others, who wanted to paint her nails and call them “bootiful” or the little girl who wanted to explore everything herself and would say “I do dit”  Right now all I see innocence fighting a disease that no one deserves. My hope in all this shines way beyond a pale face but pierces through your big gorgeous eyes staring back at us as sad as they look from the pain I see Jesus in all his glory. I see his promise that he is good and he cares and he loves and he restores. I know he will restore you back to the little Angelina we once knew. He loves you more then all the tears we have all cried combined and will cry on this road ahead.  He is a good God and we trust and lean on him through out this hard journey. We are all fighting this with you baby with you as the leader. Zia loves you so very much Angelina and I can’t wait until we all get those tiny lip kisses and most of all the licked faces.

    Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. Romans 5:3-4

  8. My baby Angelina ,,,,, What can I say,,,it’s not gods wil to make you feel pain, my heart breaks to see you suffer, I feel everything your going through inside me, all I know is this will only make you stronger then you already are and together we will get through this, your Zio will be with you everyday for whatever you or mommy or daddy need , I havent seen you smile in a week , but I know one is coming soon 🙂 ,,,, and I miss your little tap kisses very much , and your chunky little arms and legs that I love to bite and u give me a dirty look after ,,,, !!! Everything will be ok baby I promise ,,,, love your Zio Franco or as you would call me Zio “freek off”

    • I have arranged for a mass for Angelina to be celebrated in Altamura at the shrine of Maria Santissima del Buoncammino on March 4th, 2012 at 11:30am

  9. Diana And Luigi,
    As the father of a soon to be 9 year old son and a 2 1/2 year old princess of my own…I can not imagine the heartache you and your beautiful family are experiencing. My heart, thoughts, prayers and wishes go out to you and I want you to know that I will personally do what I can to help spread the word and get you as much support as I can.

    I know that we don’t “know” eachother but as president of North Bergen Baseball…we are all part of the same community…and a community should support its members when they are in need. May god Bless you and watch over you and your family in this trying time.

  10. Angelina I am going to do everything in my power to help support you, your mommy and daddy. I am spreading the word so you can get all the support you need. I want to see you gain strength to play with that Tangle Barbie I bought you and see you smile again. I will visit again…Hope you feel better

  11. It’s always heart breraking to hear the word ” Cancer “, it becomes even more frightening when it attaks a child. My thoughts and prayers are with this little angel and her family.
    Although Cancer is a frightening desease, it is not however , indistructible, i hope that with both the medical team as well as our Faith, Angelina will fight and ultimately win this war.
    Miracles do happen……..!
    God bless you.
    Esther F.

  12. My little Gio,

    Hi Gio…Its Mrs. Cerabona, I just wanted to say stay strong for Mommy, Daddy, and your beautiful little sister that I know you adore so much!


  14. Baby girl Angelina,
    I am Reese Pesce mother your daycare best friend.. Reese asks for you daily when she comes home. Reese can’t wait to see you again and dance,sing and hold hands while you eat lunch like you girls did everyday. Mom and Dad…. my thoughts and prayers are with you. I am passing page to everyone I know to spread the word. When I heard of this news my heart just broke. I have faith everything will be ok.. If possible, would like to know what hospital and room reese would like to send her best friend a few things. My email much love Angelina hugs and kisses love Reese and family. Xoxo

  15. So sorry that your sweet baby has to go through this. I have two nephews that are my life and can’t imagine seeing them go through something like this. Our prayers are with Angelina and your family. All you can do is be strong and keep having faith every single day. There’s an angel watching over your precious baby for sure. She has it written in her name!

  16. This is the saddest thing i have ever heard in my life …. my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer and now is cancer free …. keeping fighting stay strong keep faith and never lose hope , cause i never did and now my mom is ok ….

    I wish you the very best in life Beautiful Angelina , May you overcome this and become 100% Healthy

    Love Nate 🙂

  17. Don’t lose hope… Angelina you are beautiful and strong. You can fight this, you can do it. God is blessing you. He is hugging you and your family. To the family, I wish I had the money in the world to make it all better. Unfortunately, I just had an accident so I don’t but I have all the faith and prayers and believe me it makes a difference. I will pray for you Angelina.

  18. We are so sorry to hear this news,Our prayers go out to little Angelina and your family,be strong and always keep the faith ALIVE!!!!!We will definitely donate and hepl out..
    Juan and Olga Perez

  19. Dear Diana, Luigi, and Gio:

    We are very sorry to hear about little Angelina, our thoughts and prayers are with her and with all of you. We have faith that she will start to feel better soon! Even though you don’t “Know us” I am sure we have seen each other often in the Little League! Please know we are all praying for you and hoping for a speedy recovery! May god bless you all!

  20. Dear Diana, Luigi & Gio,

    After Alej & Sal told me all that is going on with your little princess, I have not stopped praying to God for her quick healing! As a parent, I can only imagine your pain, our kids are our precious angels from God. Keep your faith strong & you will see that in a blink of an eye it will all be over & she will be the same strong, healthy, precious little girl! God Bless you all! You are all in my families prayers. With heartfelt warm wishes! Alba & Family

  21. An Angel is an understatement for this girl.

    Never alone will she be in this world

    Gorgeous enough to steal any mans heart

    Energetic and funny especially when she farts:)

    Lovable and full of joy from here to the moon.

    In every place she goes, even a hospital room.

    Nemo (Not Nurses) Repunnsel and Shrek are some of her best friends and toys.

    And we will stand by her side and treasure her childhood with grace until this monster is DESTROYED!

  22. Sforza family,

    I am praying for you all every single day. I have FAITH that Angelina will be healed very soon and I will continue to pray for her. She is so precious, and you will see that once the Lord has brought her through this, she will be able to get through ANYTHING ! She is a tough cookie !

  23. I have seen every video and read almost everything on Angelina’s page. My heart goes out to the entire family. I only got to meet her once. I think she was almost a year old and it was love at first sight. I will consistently keep her in prayer everytime I think of her and the family. I love u Guys!! God Bless u Angelina!!!! You r the cutest thing in the whole world. Love u Gloria Pena

  24. I am a friend of a friend. I am so heartbroken to hear about this. I am battling through cancer with my mother right now and it ist easy, but to see it happening to a little innocent child that hasnt lived…it just brings tears to my eyes. I will help in whatever way I can…my heart goes out to your family and although you do not know me, you can count on me for anything, really. Stay strong and keep smiling little angel!

  25. Inspiring Letter Sent from an ANONYMOUS ANGEL:

    Hey __________! I read your post and I have a personal experience with Neuroblastoma that I would like you to pass on to your friend. Please read this first and I’ll leave it up to you to pass on if you think it’s appropriate.

    I don’t want her to think I’m some wacko giving some story, but you know me & know I’m legit when it comes to information. My connection to Neuroblastoma changed my life and the lives of many in my family.

    My cousin _________ was almost 3 when she was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. It started out as, what they thought was pneumonia, but later turned out to be Neuroblastoma. She, at the age of 2 1/2, was given a 20% chance of survival and was immediately put on an aggressive treatment of chemo & radiation at Sloan Kettering. Her hair immediately fell out, and the effects of the treatment happened immediately with no remorse. The reason I am telling you some “real” effects of what happened is not to scare you or make you aware of what will happen, rather, I want to tell you that even though she “looked” like cancer was kicking her butt – the reality was that she was kicking cancer’s butt. There was never a time that anyone in my family ever, and I mean EVER thought that Kelsey was not going to make it. And the pillar of that thought process was HER MOTHER, my cousin __________. ______(The Patient) didn’t know that anyone was scared or worried or taken a back by how cancer ‘changed’ our little pudgy-faced girl, instead she was made to feel “cool” that she was going through experiences that even her brothers weren’t “allowed” to go through. Even when (the patient) was put on an experimental treatment of drugs as a last hope when she was about 5, she and the rest of our family still had an upbeat attitude that there was no other option in this world but for (her) to win for her life in which ‘the blaster’ was trying to take. She finally went into remission shortly before her 6th birthday & was home in time to celebrate.

    (She) is currently a 20-year-old college sophomore, who is actually moving back into her dorm tomorrow. She’s had the same boyfriend for the last 2 1/2 years, was an amazing athlete in high school, has tattoos (good ones, not tacky), is surrounded by a great group of friends, and has basically no recollection of what she went through with her cancer. Granted, she does have some medical issues she will need to keep an eye on for the rest of her life, but you would have NO CLUE by looking at her or by the way she lives her life. She is one of a small group of survivors from her experimental treatment, and has exceeded ALL medical expectations her doctors thought she would reach. She is basically a walking miracle.

    I’m not a mother, and I know I can’t speak for any mother that is going through a cancer treatment with a child. I was, though, a 15-year-old watching, first-hand, her baby cousin go through the fight of her life (although that baby had no idea), and a 15-year-old also watching, first-hand, her older cousin go through the fight of her life to save her daughter – which she did! There are so many memories I have of what both went though at that time, but the main point I’m trying to make is that through all the prayer concerns, fundraisers (there are still some for her today), positive energy, love, and support, the (in my experience) most important fuel for beating Neuroblastoma, or any cancer, is the will, determination, and drive from a mother (and anyone close to that child) to kick the ass of that disease. I know it sounds scary and surreal, but to think that a 2 1/2-year-old with a 20% survival rate can look cancer and its experimental treatment in the eye and show cancer who’s boss, shows that anything and everything is possible!

    I don’t know Angelina. When I read (my friends) link tonight, the first thing that came into my mind is that she(Angelina) is going to have a fight with cancer and win! Point blank – she is GOING to beat this disease. Her family is going to help her, doctors are going to help her and, most importantly, her parents are going to give her the strength to “blast it” away. My cousin went through this treatment in the mid-90s; it is 2011 – things are more advanced….only positive thoughts come to mind. It’s very easy for me, as a friend of a friend of a friend to sit here and say “You’re in my prayers”, “I’m thinking of you”, etc. Based on my family’s experience with this demon, I want you to know I am throwing all my positive thoughts & energy into little Angelina. Even though you have no idea who I am, please know I am pulling for your daughter. I am going to tell my cousin and her mom about Angelina so they, too, will throw their positive energy into her world.

    I hope I haven’t upset you, that wasn’t my intent. I just wanted to give you some insight that Neuroblastoma is NOT (what they say it is)! There is living proof in the form of a 5 ft. 20-yr-old girl walking around NJ that LIFE & a vicious fight is the ONLY result of Neuroblastoma!!!

    Angelina, you, and your family are in my thoughts and prayers! She WILL beat this!

    (Guardian Angel)

  26. I really understand exactly what ur going through back in 1993 my beautiful 9 month daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia we were so lost and sad she went through 3 years of chemo and we are so happy to say that today she is 19 years old, beautiful, loving and caring girl she is currently in her first year of college. We prayed and prayed and with the help of her wonderful doctors at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx, NY and all our friends and family she now lives a healthy and happy life. I will keep Angelina in my prayers as well as her family have lots of faith it can move mountains God bless you all.

    • Myrna, Thank you for sharing your story, its truly inspiring and I’m glad to hear your daughter is doing well. With all the love and support Little Angelina is getting thus far we’re not only moving mountains, but entire continents:)

  27. I know a little girl that has the very same thing, so I know what you are going through, also my son is in remission of leukemia. I hope and pray little Angelina gets better, it disgusting how much it costs to try and save your little one. If you were here in Australia you wouldn’t pay for any surgery or treatment, it’s all covered by the government. I guess we are a lucky country to have a system like that. All the best, God Bless xx

  28. Angelina loves Unreservedly
    Plays Blissfully
    Speaks Sincerely
    Looks on Lovingly
    Sings Beautifully.
    Laughs Energetically
    Endures Patiently
    Hopes Faithfully
    Angelina will always, Unequivocally carry on Angelically ❤

  29. My daught was just diagnosed with leukemia. I saw on the internet about a new cancer treatment for tumors that sound like it may help in your case. Its in canada and its called JX 594. It showed that it reduced cancer tumors significantly in 8-10 days. Oh God I hope this helps you and please believe me I’m not joking about this. God bless and take care of that little sweetie!


    • I have Angelina and her family in my daily prayers, I have a 2-1/2 yr. old great niece in Texas that was born a little over 3 lbs & needing a pace maker (which she will need for the rest of her life). First it was put on the outside of the stomach, that being the largest area of a tiny baby. Now it is inside her stomach with the wires going to the heart. She is doing remarkably (I should say miraculously) well. I have all my facebook friends & relatives praying for her. Believe me, prayer does help you get thru lot. I am one of the teachers that work with grandma Diane. Keep up the hope.

  31. The news is hard to believe and swallow. I know you very distantly but through Angelina’s fight with cancer I feel very close. I think about her everyday, and see her pictures on fb. She has my support from miles away and I will be making a donation to help alleviate a small insignificant part of all this. My thoughts are with you, the parents, and my prayers are all for Angelina.

  32. Seeing things like this breaks my heart. A child that hasn’t even fully started their life yet, already has to go through hard trials. God bless you little Angel Angelina. I hope you kick this cancer in the face! Praying for you!! ❤

  33. My prayers are with you, and I know right now your probably devastated….I just wanted you to know that my cousins Daughter was almost the same age as your daughter when she was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma…..GUESS WHAT …..She is a happy healthy 9 year old girl….she will be Cancer free 5 years next month!! Please know your daughter is in my prayers and god willing she is going to fight this!!

  34. Dear Diana & Luigi,

    My prayers are with and your family. I know that Angelina will be fine. I will continue to pray especially to Padre Pio for the courage and strength needed at this time. I did some charity work for an organization aimed at pediatric cancer specifically Neuroblastoma, called TeamConnor. Please check out the web at They are an amazing group of people who can offer so much information, help, and support.
    Hope to make it to your next charity event.

  35. Make your own Pizza Night was another Very successful event for our Angelina. We would like to give a Special Thank You to Principal Garrido, Ms. Petry, Ms, Zieman and all the Staff at A.L.K for organizing this event as well as TONY and our friends at TORNAS PIZZERIA IN HOBOKEN for donating the pizza supplies 🙂

    God Bless EVERYONE that was at this event!

  36. We want to also Thank EVERYONE that has been writing there Love and Prayers on this Page and Website and EVERYONE that has continued to Support Angelina…

    We invite you ALL to a very special dinner in February for Angelina after she Beats the Cancer…
    Contact Us For Details…

    God Bless You ALL
    You Are ALL Amazing

  37. will be hosting a LIVE Dj show starting at 8PM till 11PM. Staring Dj Bossio, Dj Jun Love and Dj Luey D. This show is dedicated to Little Angelina who is battling the cancer monster. Please stop by and show your support and donations will be taken via a web based fund collection designated by the family.

  38. will be hosting a LIVE Dj show starting at 8PM till 11PM. Staring Dj Bossio, Dj Jun Love and Dj Luey D. This show is dedicated to Little Angelina who is battling the cancer monster. Please stop by and show your support and donations will be taken via a web based fund collection designated by the family.

    SHOWTime: October 8, 2011 8PM to 11PM

  39. Diana, Angelina and your family are in my prayers. I pray for her continued progress and a big win in the fight against this Monster. You have been blessed with the love of family and the friends to help you through…God Bless you all. Michele

  40. Dear little princess,
    I hope and pray that you will get better soon! God has given you an excellent strong and united family and i’m glad they can be there for you through the good and bad!I was neighbors with them for a long time and i’m proud to call them old friends! I’ve witnessed first hand how close they are and the love they have for each other!! My family and I will keep you in our prayers and we pray for you every night. We will help any way we can.
    You are a beautiful princess and you are loved!!:)
    Delia Rivera and family
    Sforza family: your unity, strength, loyalty, but most importantly, unwavering faith is an inspiration! I have a family of my own and i have two kids, Jonathan(7) and Sarah(3). I can’t even imagine what your going through. please remember you have lots of people praying for you and supporting you!:)

  41. The Society of Maira Santissima del Buoncammino di Altamura is sending you a check to help offset the financial burden.
    We also will ask the blessed Mother, our Patron to hold little Angelina close. This is more valuable than money. I will personally contact the Sanctuary in Altamura to have a special mass said for the child.

  42. Hey Angelina…my name is Carlos Melo and Im a friend of your fathers and a friend of your zio Franco and Dario…I always have you in my thoughts and know that the monster will be overcome..I’ll see you at the dinner dance!!! Save a dance for me!!!

  43. Hello sweet Angelina;

    We are praying for the Lord Jesus to heal you, for He is our Great Physician!

    Isaiah 53:5(“……………. by His stripes we are HEALED”)

    “The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make His face shine upon, and be gracious to you, the Lord turn His face towards you, and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26

  44. Tomorrow I get my scan results from my cancer. I was worried all day until I read your story. You are braver than me and you give me strength. I will pray to Padre Pio for you. Peace and love to you and your family.

  45. Angelina in New Jersey,,,,

    JESUS LOVES YOU! When you think you can’t anymore, Jesus will carry you through the worst times and set you back on your feet in the sunshine. To the enitre Sforza family, you cannot do this alone, bring Jesus your load and He will carry it for you. The mind is much more powerful than the body. Think good, send good into the universe and good things WILL happen. Angelina was sent hear for a reason, she still has so much to show us and to do for herself. Greatness is ahead… this is only a speedbump… i’m sure!

    I will pray for her healing because JESUS is the ultimate healer and He is our saviour!

    “Lord, guide the hands of the doctors who come in contact with Angelina.”

    Blessed are those who fight with dignity.

  46. My Name is Nicole and I found your daughters FB Page on someone who was on my Daughters FB page “Prayers for Gabrielle”. I just want to let u no u are not alone. My daughter Gabby age 5 was just diagnosed with nueroblastoma IV on Feb 9th 2012. Your daughter is beautiful! Children are so resilient they are such fighters!!! I like you feel that there is a reason our children have been chosen (unfortunately) But they touch everyone and bring people all over the world together! Please stay strong and feed off of positive energy! I know that what has been helping me along with a strong community! I’m so sorry your family has to go through this as this is the hardest thing EVER! I’m sure you have spoken to other families fighting cancer. I know leaning on other families that have gone through this similar situation helps keep each other stronger! My prayers are with you This monster needs to go away and it will!

  47. Hi i am a 22 yr old girl who just recently lost her father from cancer. I can share my experience with families who have someone that just recently got diagnosed with cancer or who just recently lost a loved one. All i can say is never give up Hope, keep positive & as a family fight together through this time, the strength of loved ones can make you gain more strength.

    My prayers are with you Angelina & your family, do not give up your fight & stay strong cause everyone all over the world is praying for you ❤

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    I’m setting up a page at the Creative Innovations website for our fight against cancer, to raise funds to donate to the American Cancer Society for cancer treatment research and to the Children’s Cancer Center to help kids live their dreams. Sponsors on the page will fund our work to help with cancer research and improving the lives of children suffering cancer. Our sponsors will help bless the loves of many ill children. The CI Cancer Fight Support Center page will also benefit people with helpful resources.

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    Steve Hulsey @ Hulsey Creative Innovations

  49. Good morning Angelina. You don’t know me but I am the aunt of a very special little girl named Gabrielle who also has a “monster” inside of her. I just read a post on her Facebook page (prayers for gabrielle) from your uncle that touched my heart. I wanted to tell you that u and Gabrielle are two of the strongest kids I know. Your story has touched my heart and I will pray for u everyday. Never ever give up and always remember to stay strong. May god bless u and your family always.

  50. To that precious little girl pictured above,
    You keep up the good fight, nothing can defeat you if you don’t allow it to win. You have a big strong family around you; in your house, in your neighborhood, in NY and jersey, out here in Cincinnati!, and around the world. God bless you with much love

  51. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family…..may The Lord lay hands on Little Angelina and heal her from this monster…god bless you all..
    With love from
    The Newcomb and Ferlisi family

  52. May your family and friends give you the strength.Faith to believe in miracles. Our creator doesnt give us anything we cant handle. Its to strength,to love abundantly and to show you every moment counts.Hold your children,Kiss them love them.They are so special.Joke with her,brighten her days.Pray over her. Time is precious. God Bless your family.My Prayers are with you all.

  53. God Bless you Angelina! with God ALL things are possible! believe that you will overcome this and give him all the glory!!! May his prescence be with you and your family always…

  54. I dont know u or ur family….but i will pray for your little girl tonight. she looks tough….she will beat this. god bless u. be strong for her.

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