Angelina Has Now Passed

Today, little Angelina passed on.

Rest in Jesus’s Peace, Little Angelina. We in God’s family will see you smiling with Him and all the angels, later.

Please pray for the family is this time.



No More Chemo – Pray for a Miracle!

‎(((( An update about Angelina STILL FIGHTING!!! HOPE!!!!! )))

It seems as though conventional medicine & therapy will be ending soon for our precious Angelina who has been fighting this monster for over 455 days will be going back to the comfort of her home and family:) We may be tired, we may be weak, we may be exhausted, we may feel defeated and angry. The emotions are endless, but guess what—WE ARE STILL IN THE RING and WILL CONTINUE TO FIGHT…with or without conventional medicine. Its all out of our hands now, but remember, it was never in ours or doctors hands from the beginning. We would like to share a special prayer for all our thousands of supporters and Angels that have fought with us and continue to fight with us these past 455 days and counting…

“Dear Lord of Mercy and Father of Comfort,

You are the One We turn to for help in moments of weakness and times of need.
We ask you to be with Angelina in this illness. Psalm 107:20 says that you send out
your Word and heal. So then, please send your healing Word to our precious
Angel. In the name of Jesus, drive out all infirmity and sickness from her body.

Dear Lord, We ask you to turn her weakness into strength, our suffering into
compassion, sorrow into joy, and pain into comfort for others. May Angelina and
her family trust in your goodness and hope in your faithfulness, even in the
middle of this suffering. Let us be filled with patience and joy in your
presence as she waits for your healing touch.

Please restore Angelina to full health, dear Father. Remove all fear and doubt
from our hearts by the power of your Holy Spirit, and may you, Lord, be
glorified through her life.

As you heal and renew Angelina, Lord, may we bless and praise you.

All of this we pray in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Amen and May God Bless You All!


An update from another uncle:


So where are we today?
We are in a place far different than ever before. A place of humble gratitude for the love, prayers and support we have received from Angelinas countless angels. Angelina is aggressively fighting this monster, or we should say monsters. She has undergone a weeks’ worth of radiation and was sedated and incubated for 10 straight days. She is currently receiving chemotherapy to sustain the multiple tumors discovered in her abdominal area.
We are ignoring all odds doctors have stacked against us and will be using all resources necessary to get Angelina back to normal health. Angelina has showed us all what it means to endure pain and suffering, but when a child gets cancer, the entire family gets cancer. One day at a time, one hour a time, one piece of news at a time. As we said in our speech at Angelinas Dinner Dance back in February, life can beat you to your knees and keep you there if you let, and its up to you to get up and look life in the face and keep moving forward! We are all in this fight together and will “Never Give Up, Never Ever Give Up.”
Our faith is strong and our positive outlook, even in the face of the most negative news, is empowering. We ask for your continued prayers, because God said he answers prayers when two people ask, what about if 1000’s ask.

Event: Care for Little Angelina

A Fundraiser for Angelina Sforza (Facebook event page)

The West Five Supper Club on Saturday October 20, 2012:

  • 505 Madison St. (Corner of 5th St.)
  • Hoboken, New Jersey 07030

Saturday, October 20th 3pm-5pm

$40 Unlimited Pasta, Beer & Wine

100% of the proceeds will go directly to The Sforza Family

Please come out and join us as we raise money to help make this family’s life easier while they continue to fight Neuroblastoma. It will allow them to focus all of their energy and strength on winning this battle.

To learn more about Angelina’s story go to

Tickets will be available at the door
If you have any questions email:

Thank you all! We look forward to seeing you and helping this sweet little girl.

A special fund for Angelina has been set up and you can make donations