Destroying the Monster

Hurled at us like an unexpected bomb in our guts, doctors found in little Angelina a horrid 9 cm tumor on August 18, 2011, which they later deemed a malignant neuroblastoma. Nurses and surgeons quickly wired a catheter in our two-and-a-half-year-old princess’s chest, serving as a central intravenous for chemotherapy and nourishment in the dire months ahead.

Whereas once little Angelina delighted in doctors visits (often forcing her family to play sick or dead so she could fix us) she now dreads them, as they are daily pricking and poking in an attempt to destroy the now 11 cm tumor (August 27) between her kidney and liver.

Pumped with a morphine drip for the painful ache, Angelina has not allowed her mom to leave her side.

This is hope.

She is strong enough to robustly grip her mother’s neck; she will be strong enough to destroy this devilish growth until God heals her or until the end of her chemo treatment.

We, the Sforza family, dedicate this webpage to fundraising for the anticipated hundreds of thousands in healthcare costs and other unrelated costs as her parents dedicate 110% of their time to healing their daughter. Would you please donate $25, $50, $250, $1000 or some other amount?

Please visit our giving page, give and help little Angelina destroy the cancer monster.


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