Round 5 & Thanksgiving

On Friday, Angelina finished and conquered round five! She’s doing exceedingly well, dancing and singing and preparing for the Little Angelina Dinner Dance.

Since the family was with her all week, we were privileged to spend our Thanksgiving with Angelina in her hospital room. This was no pity party! We had a ball as Angelina leaped around her bed to endow us with her kisses and laughter. Gio, her older brother, enjoyed playing Wii with a few other kids his age. And the whole family scarfed down a scrumptious, home-cooked meal.

Although we’re reminded every day of Angelina’s life what we’re thankful for, we wanted to share with you some bullet points.

1 – We are thankful for God. Without his mindful, intentional comfort and oversight, we would be frantic, never truly knowing that everything will be okay. Jesus is our help in times of trouble.

2 – We are thankful for Angelina’s life. Many children who have suffered with neuroblastoma have unfortunately not made it through. Angelina is still licking on. She is doing well and doctors intend on removing the tumor soon.

3 – We are thankful for close friends and family, without whom our individual paranoia, doubts and concerns would be too burdensome to handle alone.

4 –  We are thankful for financial, practical and prayerful support from YOU. One of our initial and great fears was the mounting healthcare costs for Angelina, but with a humble website, Facebook page and fundraiser, YOU continue to amaze and surprise us with your continued generosity and promotional help.


Please come and party hard with us! Spread the word on Facebook.


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