After the Surgery


After doctors discovered little Angelina’s tumor shrunk from softball to golf ball size, they scheduled her intricately delicate surgery to have the monster removed at 8:00 AM on Tuesday, January 10th.

Having to slice a six-inch incision on her right abdomen, doctors dove in, thinking they’d mainly have to remove the tumor and a bit of Angelina’s liver–only to find out they also had to shave off a portion of her diaphragm.

After several hours of being under the blinding surgery lights, doctors successfully accomplished their work, but mom and dad still had a job to do.

For two days, little Angelina was again bed-ridden, hardly able to move as the pain was practically unbearable. But as if God, in His providence, decided on a quick recovery for her frail body (which we believe!), on the third day after surgery, she became smiley and more mobile.

Her healing progress was so rapid that doctors dismissed her on Sunday, January 15th–two days before her scheduled dismissal.

Now at home with mom, dad and her big brother, she’s resuming recovery. Although she isn’t fully physically healed, she’s happy, and that is wonderful to see.

She also can’t seem to forget the lyrics, “I’m sexy and I know it,” as she repeats them incessantly.

As we shared in our last post, she has a trying road ahead of her in the next year or so, as she’ll undergo at least one more round of intense chemo, a stem cell transplant, two weeks of radiation and her immunotherapy–a painful treatment that will require a morphine drip.

THANK YOU for your loving financial and prayer support. We seriously want to see you ALL at the dinner dance. Please come and bring friends!


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