The “Tubie” Stays Because the Cancer May Be Recurrent

We have bad news and we may have really bad news.

Yesterday, we announced that doctors were removing the center line tube (or “tubie”) from Angelina’s chest. It’s been there for 13 months, providing for her a way of treatment.

When doctors were about to remove it, Angelina was struck with a fever, and since it’s a risk to sedate someone who has a fever, they have NOT removed it.

And in that same hospital visit, we were told even worse news: THE CANCER MIGHT BE BACK.

Months ago, preliminary test results showed no cancer, and that’s what we believed even yesterday. But new results have revealed that the cancer Angelina has been rigorously and tirelessly fighting has returned. It’s recurrent.

Here’s the breakdown: doctors believe it has spread to her liver, lungs and kidneys with the biggest growth being 9 cm (the original monster from August 2011 was 11 cm). They’ve classified this as stage 4. 

How’s the family doing? We’re broken. We’re angry. We’re confused. This is almost harder than the original news of her cancer. It’s like we saw the oasis after 13 months of struggling in a desert disappear before our very eyes.


We keep fighting! Pick your heads! We have to go back to battle for a while, but it’s okay. We are experienced now and we know the rules. We are trained for the up and downs. We are conditioned for the long days and nights. We have our God who will be our partner through this fight.

As excruciating as this news is, we can’t give up. Now now.

Please pray for the family. Join us in our sadness and our prayers. Pray God would indeed remove the traces of cancer completely. Pray God would heal Angelina like Jesus did so many times for others.

We’ll update you again when we find out more. THANK YOU all. We love you.


8 responses

  1. Little Angel you will continue to be in my prayers as always! You beat this once and you will beat it again. My heart is with you guys. Please don’t hesitate if I can be of any assistance.

  2. Can’t even find the words to say – WE are heart broken and deeply upset over this news! KEEP fighting and defeat the monster!!!!! SO many people are behind you duing this battle, more than you truly know. Stay strong sweet angel – GOD is big!! XoBiGHugs0X

  3. Dear Sforza Family, I just stumbled across Little Angelina’s page on Facebook and your website. My eldest son, is a student a Penn State University in State College, PA. During his past three years at PSU he has become involved with THON and his involvement in this incredible organization has led our family to become involved as well. I was very fortunate to attend and be a part of THON weekend in February 2011 and I will never be the same. While THON and Four Diamonds organizations were created to support the children at Penn State Hershey who are living with childhood cancer and their families, these two organizations have made a impact on the students at PSU and their families as well. And while THON concentrates on the children at Penn State Hershey, Four Diamonds assists in providing research that benefits children and families everywhere who are affected by this monstrous disease, with the hope that one day childhood cancer will be wiped out completely. A majority of us may never have the honor to meet Angelina and your family or the other brave little warriors and their families, but we hold you all in a special place in our hearts. This may only seem like empty words… but, I promise you it isn’t. I will keep Angelina and your family in my prayers… prayers for strength to fight this battle, comfort for Angelina to endure the needle sticks and various tests her new doctors need to do, guidance as you meet with the new team of doctors and wisdom for the doctors as they plan their attack on the cancer cells and prayers for the nurses as they care for Angelina and of course, prayers for complete healing for your precious Angelina. God is good and His timing is perfect!

  4. Stay strong, Angelina you and your family are fighters, My prayers are with you. you have NB behind you. Have a quick and speedy recovery. God Bless you all.

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