Sympathy Before A Blood Transfusion

It’s been two seemingly endless weeks since little Angelina was admitted into the hospital after doctors found a then 9 cm tumor in her gut.

Baths are now stinging wash downs, as if someone was power-washing her delicate skin. Diaper changes are a dread, since the chemo is also exiting her system, irritating her bottom. And visits are heartbreaking, as all little Angelina can do is stare, lying in bed in hopes that the morphine drip continues to numb her pain.

On Wednesday, August 31, doctors decided to try reviving Angelina’s energy by giving her a blood transfusion; it didn’t help much.

What will help? Your continued prayers and heartfelt empathy. More than jokes or questions (that only try to hide her painful reality) little Angelina responds well to quiet sympathy, where one just sits beside her, stroking her hand and recognizing with her difficult circumstance.

It’s this kind of true love that will usher her through till the end.


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