Beautiful: Jesus and Angelina

God is not dead. He is not absent from Angelina’s circumstance. As believers, we trust God has proven his love for us and Angelina by sending his beautiful son Jesus to not only die and rise for our sins but our sorrows. Our God is not one who is incapable of sympathizing and recognizing with pain, which is why he sends his Holy Spirit to comfort all those who trust in Jesus as their friend, savior and lord.

More than chemotherapy, more than doctors and more than encouraging comments (although these measures are good) prayers to our God, Jesus, are bringing Angelina through this. Although God does not promise to remove us from difficult circumstances, he promises to be with us as we trust in his son Jesus.

A friend of ours from South Africa is praying for Angelina! Lucy Rovetto recently emailed us one timely and heartfelt message from the heart of God:

“I feel many in your family are separately crying out (without each other knowing) “God take me instead of her,” but He is not looking for a sacrifice; He desires submission, obedience. God would say, “I am looking for surrendered, tender hearts;  I am not out for blood; I want you to believe again—like a child. ”

And to that we say, AMEN.


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