Round Two and Fun Day

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From September 19th to the 23rd, Angelina, mom and dad again ate delicious hospital food, enjoyed the company of nighttime nurses and endured Angelina’s second week of chemotherapy treatment.

Having enough time to prepare and plan, mom and dad worked it out so Luigi could be home in time to pick up and hang out with Giovanni, Angelina’s awesome big brother, while Diana watched our princess in the hospital.

God answered our prayers; the treatment was not able to weaken Angelina. Actually, you could argue that she was as bubbly and fantastic as ever (since she knew the drill and handled it like she would cake: victoriously).

Celebrating with a boom, our friends at North Bergen Recreation hosted Fun Day  on Sunday, September 25, for little Angelina. Spearheaded by NB Little League’s president, Rob Quinones, the all-day benefit (starting with breakfast at Applebees and continuing with an all-out festival at the recreation center) raised over $6,700 for Angelina!

Venders, volunteers and local restaurants generously sacrificed time, talent and treasure for the day, and for that, we are so friggen thankful.

Be sure to check out all Angelina’s upcoming benefits at

And, seriously, thank you for your prayers, support and sacrifice. No vocabulary has the right words to express our gratitude.


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