New Red Shoes for Round Two

For the last week, little Angelina has been back home with mom, dad and her brother. Doctors released her after ensuring that she was physically well following her first round of chemotherapy. And well, she was.

Before leaving the hospital, though, doctors performed one vitally important test: the MIBG scan, which examined whether the cancer spread to other parts of Angelina’s body. Gladly to say—after an undoubtedly anxious weekend—the docs discovered that the monster is contained!

Mom and dad agree that in the hospital their little princess grew a couple of inches, allowing her to jump higher for the surprise face-lick or face-slap at home. 

But Angelina knows how to balance her lionhearted and macho hobbies of face-licking and slapping with the more tender art of fashion. She garbs her pretty scalp with the cutest hats, her neck with a string of gleaming pearls and her feet with her now favorite dazzling red shoes.

With her keen fashion sense, she’ll continue to look gorgeous during her second round of chemotherapy this week. Please pray that the treatment serves its purpose without weakening our Angelina too much.


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One response

  1. I am so happy to here Angelina is home and doing well, I been saying a little prayer for her everyday. Keep on fighting Angelina.

    Richie (marissa’s dad)

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