A Shrunken Tumor & Pumpkin Picking

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Growing up, any uninformed child might think (I did) a “CT scan” is literally where a house cat inspects one’s body (perhaps by licking or sniffing). Of course this is not the case. Computed tomography scanning is where X-ray gadgets and apparatuses are used to produce three-dimensional images of subjects.

Earlier with CT scanning, doctors confirmed that the pain in Angelina’s abdomen—visibly showing itself with a swelled belly—was an 11 cm tumor.

Today, doctors told us that the latest CT scan revealed this vile tumor has actually shrunk in size by half! On top of this excellent news, the cancer is still contained!

And what better way to respond to good news than with pumpkin picking, cutting and eating?! Dad, mom, Gio and Angelina had a downright blast yesterday at Demarest Farms, where they harvested the choicest pumpkins and mounted the most stylish hay rides in town.

We thank God for his continued mercy and love on our family. We thank you for your continued support and gifts.

And we look forward to seeing you all at the many events we’re hosting for Angelina, especially the dinner dance (make sure you SAVE THE DATE!).


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