Round Three & Angelina’s “Tubie”

It’s been approximately two months since doctors brought to light the dark truth that little Angelina had a deadly tumor growing inside of her.

For review, after enduring a heart-breaking three weeks of initial examining and probing, days of nervously awaiting test results and seeing Angelina as sad as she’s ever been, we finally saw her smile after eating her first bite of fresh pizza. She soon stood over the side of her bed to color magnificent art pieces. And within a week (now at about four weeks), she was running and licking and screaming for joy, as the pain seriously subsided.

As bubbly as she now is, round three of her chemotherapy treatment was the most trying for her, since it physically weakened Angelina, causing her to vomit here and there. Thankfully, she did not return to the wrecked emotional state of her first three weeks; she smiled and calmly knew it’s just part of the process.

It took about four days after round three for her to feel restored, and a blood transfusion she had on Tuesday, October 18, definitely helped.

At home, she is becoming more familiar with cleaning the central line (her “tubie”) in her chest, which needs changing once a week. Angelina has been practicing changing her tubie on a play duck, whose chest also has a catheter, and she loves to show people how to take medicine through the syringe.

Lately, she’s enjoyed The Mask, The Lion King and singing “You are so beautiful to me,” from The Little Rascals.

THANK YOU for all your help, funding and support. PLEASE continue to share little Angelina’s story. Get your friends to like her Facebook page and to attend her benefits.



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