Less Morphine and More Laughs

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Its officially coming to the end of day 15 since Angels been admitted. Angelina feels the amount of love and support she has received. She ate an entire GOLDFISH cracker yesterday, which is definitely a baby step but a good sign for a girl who hasn’t eaten all but 5 Cheerios in 15 days.

We noticed that Angelina DOES NOT LIKE TO BE ASKED QUESTIONS, especially in a baby voice and especially from DOCS and NURSES, who she is understandably terrified of now.

A new DOC came in yesterday and in a baby voice said, “Can i check your temp sweetie?” Dad quickly corrected her and said, “Lose the baby voice doctor and just do it!”

She associates a baby voice and a doctor with pain to follow.

She has ended her first of a minimum of 6 -21 day cycles of chemo a few days ago; her morphine drip is starting to decrease-a good sign. She’s off of antibiotics and pretty much everything else except for TPN (her nutrition). She also smiled and laughed when we found sponge bob on TV. And she still has the NG tube up her nose but the amount of liquid/bile coming out of her stomache has significantly decreased.

Please keep her in your prayers. We have already came and will continue to support her in record numbers; we have already made GOD work overtime on her (which is ok because he doesnt sleep) and from the look in her glassy eyes today, it’s working. The most important thing we must all remember in illness is never to lose heart.

“Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death.”



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