Bald and Beautiful

Angelina and her brother Giovanni

Things are looking less painful for Angelina, which is something to celebrate!

Over the last week, she’s slowly worked herself up from eating nothing to bits of crackers to a whole slice of pizza—a good sign that doctors might let her recover from home. She’s no longer receiving a slow morphine drip to numb her pain, because she has very little (likely because the chemo is reducing the tumor’s size), freeing her up to walk around, color and kiss anyone in her immediate vicinity.

Repunzel, Repunzel, Repunzel

Little Angelina’s chemo treatment works in 21-day cycles, with five days straight of receiving the treatments and sixteen days of recovery. If all goes well, doctors hope to remove the tumor in six months or so—after the therapy has significantly shrunk it.

Mom and dad have been able to care for her around the clock, decorating her hospital room with an abundant amount of Disney’s Tangled furnishing.

As you can see from her pictures, mom and dad had to chop off her beautiful golden hair, because her chemotherapy has caused almost immediate hair loss. Emotionally, she’s fine with the new fashion statement, especially since, as her mom pointed out, Repunzel of Tangled also had her long, luscious hair styled short. And if Repunzel is beautiful with short hair then Angelina is all the more beautiful as well.

On behalf of Luigi, Diana and our family we want to express our continued appreciation of the love and prayers from all our supporters. Your comments are truly lifting everyone’s spirit. One individual said, “if more than one person asks God for a request he listens.”  Well, what if an entire globe is praying for your little girl?  Then HE’LL BE COMPELLED TO LISTEN!  Thus far, Angelina has people praying for her in 27 different states, 16 different countries and 5 different continents!

Lets continue our support and show the monster that, together, we can and WILL BEAT IT!

May God continue to Bless our little Angelina and all her angels. 🙂

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